Happy Holidays and welcome to the blog!

December 21, 2022

The last few years have been good to us over in our little corner of Spenard. In just four years, Frostline Studios has grown from one guy trying to do it all to a team of six high-powered creatives. We went from having empty offices to not having enough space for everyone, so we’re expanding into the suite next door. We have so much to do that Mantha Pratt, Hannah’s sister, joined the team as a project manager to help us keep organized.

Frostline Crew Holiday Photo
Happy Holidays! From left to right: Derek, Rich, Mantha, Courtney and Keke, Rowan, and Hannah.

With all this growth, we wanted to keep all our friends, colleagues and anyone who’s interested in the goings-on at the studio up to date. So we thought we’d do what everyone seems to be doing these days and start our own podcast! When you have a state of the art recording studio, why not use it?

In the podcasts, we’ll talk about what we get up to behind the scenes, and in doing so, share some of our knowledge and expertise so that you can learn from us. Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your home recording setup? Ever ask how the color in a film looks so dang good (and how you can do it yourself)? Wondering what it takes to get an event streamed to you live from the comfort of your home? We’ll answer all these questions and more in our podcast, name TBD (suggestions welcome ?).

The blog will act like the “Bonus Features,” or “60 Minutes Overtime” of the podcast, containing pictures, videos, and any links we might have mentioned in the recording. You can also watch this space to get notified when the next episode is up, as well as for other news and events happening at Frostline.

Here’s to new projects in the new year! Wishing you all happy holidays and another splendid ride around the sun.


The Frostline Team: Rich, Hannah, Derek, Rowan, Courtney, Mantha, and Keke

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